Recorder Karate

This year grades 3 & 4 have been fortunate to be able to take their recorders home to practice, and they are participating in the “Recorder Karate” program.  It has always been one of my favorite units to teach because the students love it so much and Wolf Canyon is no exception!  Recorder Karate is a motivational recorder program that  encourages students to practice and learn to play the soprano recorder with good technique while allowing them to work at their own pace and be rewarded for their hard work.

photo 2

We have been working together as a class or in small groups to learn the pieces for their belts.  Students may work ahead as far as they would like and when they feel confident, they may play a song for me and earn themselves a “belt.”  The “belts” for the Recorder Karate program, are colored pieces of yarn tied to the end of their recorder.  Each time they earn a belt, their name will be added to the “Recorder Karate Hall of Fame” in the music room .  This is a great way to track their progress, show growth and it’s delightful to see the board explode with new names every week.IMG_3150

Individually, their goal is to earn their black belt, as a class, their goal is to achieve 100% in a belt color by helping each other, practicing together and working as a team.  So far, four classes have achieved 100% white belts – Ms Moreno, Ms Carreon, Ms Sullivan & Mr Riggs; with Ms Carreon’s group achieving 100% yellow belts as well!

Recorder Songs:

Recorder Resources.

2 thoughts on “Recorder Karate

  1. I’m new to recorder karate – but have taught recorder for many years – just to clarify – they only have to play the one song correctly before getting that colour belt and then moving onto the next one?


    • Each belt is one piece. It’s a good idea to cover the theoretical elements required for each level. But essentially you can turn recorder karate into whatever you wish. The students LOVE it!


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