Recorders for music.

Dear Parents,

All of our third and fourth grade students are very excited to be starting recorder karate again this year.  Unfortunately, unlike last year I am not able to send students home with their own recorder that they borrow for the entire semester.  This is simply because I do not have enough recorders to be able to assign a recorder to each student, due to an increase in the number of third and fourth grade students in Wolf Canyon.  As a result, the same recorder will be used by a students in both grade levels and sterilized between classes.

Please consider purchasing a soprano recorder in the Key of C for you child, this ensures sanitation, as they will be the only person playing it and it enables them to practice at home.  Practice means progress!!!  Recorders are reasonably priced, starting at less than $7 through Amazon and West Music.  I highly recommend Yamaha, Suzuki and Aulos (which we have in school) as reasonably priced instruments that produce a good tone.