B# (Sharp) Music Awards

Every lesson classes work to keep their Whole Note.  They will keep their Whole Note by entering and leaving the music room sensibly and quietly, sitting nicely, following directions and focused attentive listening – I will take a quarter note away if they are too chatty, because then they are not following directions or listening attentively.  At the end of each quarter, the class in each grade level with the most whole notes is awarded the B#(sharp) Music Awards as part of the Wolf Canyon Awards Presentation Assembly. The winning class takes the trophy back to their classroom to proudly display until the next awards assembly.


This quarter the classes who earned the trophy are:

  • KG – Mrs. Yalamanchi
  • Gr. 1 – Mrs. Felix
  • Gr. 2 – Miss. Hernandez
  • Gr. 3 – Miss. Madison
  • Gr. 4 – Mrs. Carreon
  • Gr. 5 – Mrs. Marmion
  • Gr. 6 – Mrs. Chandroo

GREAT JOB – Well done!!

Bucket & Boomwhackers

During this quarter, Grades 5 and 6 have been have fun composing their own “Polyrhythmic Ostinati Canon” using buckets, boomwhackers and a xylophone.


They are creating simple 4 – 8 beat rhythms that can layer on top of each other, making a polyrhythm that repeats in an ostinato; entering and leaving one-by-one for a canon-like structure.  The most difficult parts of this task are to keep to a constant steady beat/pulse and the canon structure.  The students also have to figure out the notation of their rhythms and write them down using standard musical notation.